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[h=1]Houston’s HOPE CITY Church Supports Sophisticated Outreach to Millennials with Cinematic Video Shot on Panasonic VariCam LT 4K Camcorders[/h] The thousands of youthful congregants of Houston-based HOPE CITY are scattered worldwide, participating in services via Facebook Live and YouTube streaming as well as in-person at multiple weekly worship experiences. The quality of HOPE CITY’s live and residual video production has seen a dramatic uptick since the introduction of Panasonic VariCam LT 4K cinema camcorders early this year.

Under the stewardship of Pastor Jeremy Foster, HOPE CITY is a completely mobile church, with the ministry presenting six weekend worship experiences at its main campus, Houston’s Memorial High School, and two at its secondary campus, Morton Ranch High School in nearby Katy, TX. Dan Rubottom, Media Consultant and Producer for the church, explained that until this year, the video production staff was supporting a swelling membership and increasingly intricate assignments with prosumer-grade cameras and a portable switcher.

“In considering new cameras, we knew we wanted to up the quality to broadcast level and have the ability to acquire in 4K to future-proof our video assets,” Rubottom explained. “At the same time, we wanted a cinematic camera. Working completely portably, we are somewhat limited in our staging in high school theaters: we project to three wide screens at our main campus, but there’s no depth and we wanted the background to fall out of focus.”

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