Paid streaming solution alternatives

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Hey there!

Could anybody please suggest an easy embedible paid streaming solution? Something like, but not

A few points about what I'm looking for and what not:

1. Something around 70/30 split or better. The higher percentage to the filmmaker of course.

2. Filmmaker paid via paypal, not bank accounts or cheque

3. No setup fee, no monthly fee, no fee per title, no membership fee, no purchasable encoding minutes or any such nonsense. Business must only make money if filmmaker makes money.

4. No hassles. It must go sign up, video upload, available to embed (short immediately starting encoding time is acceptable), and no more than fill out profile or paypal details.

5. No film limit length. Must be able to accept feature length film.

6. No mail ins, no selection processes, no approvals or such nonsense.

Sites already tried that didn't meet my criteria:

- indiereign. Seems shut down. Automatically blocks New Zealand territories, where I happen to have fans that I want to view the movie.

- Dailymotion. Dailymotion has a 60 minute video limit. Can't upload feature length films.

- Requires filmmaker to buy "encoding minutes" after initial 300 minutes have run out.

- "Submission" process and approval in only 6 - 8 weeks and whatnot. Won't do.

- Limited filmmaker countries.

- Amazon video. Requires bank account situated in small selection of countries.

Basically I'm looking for a functioning version of

Does anybody have any suggestions?