HELP! I'm trying to finish a DVD. Here is what happened:

I had many camera tracks so I Nested them (merged them).
this prompted me to render which I did.

I outputted using quicktime movie (DV NTSC) and got a nice 2.5 gig file.

I burned with IDVD which forced me into a double sided disk but it yielded a nice product.

BUT- I noticed a typo in the credits. SO

I went back and click on the merged video track. It opened an tab showing the original unmerged video tracks. I fixed the credits.

It rerendered and outputted and now it's a monster 15 gig file.

Any ideas how I can get back to the nice 2.5 gig file, AND how can I burn it on a single sided DVD?


Issue number 1: File Size
Check for the following:
#1 - Are you burning to the internal harddrive when you create your quicktime movie?
If so, then that's interesting... if no, then you need to make sure you're doing this. When you create a quicktime movie with FCP if you're not burning to the internal main HD, you sometimes get what I like to call GIGANTOFILE~ism... simply, you generate a file that is way bigger than it is supposed to be.

If that doesn't solve the problem, then I'm honestly kinda stumped there... check for software updates?... (also make sure your program & related files are also on the main HD)

Anyhow, onto DVD burning:
Solution #1 - Buy DVD Studio Pro... this will allow you to use the full 4.0gb of your disc correctly... and burn a higher quality end-product. Idvd only burns a VHS quality disc... 320x240 res & all... so, if you can do it, splurge and buy the program... it'll save you time and hassle from now on.

idvd is simply limited... and there isn't much more you can do to get it all on 1 disc without upgrading.

So... unless someone else has more to say... good luck & happy burning.

Or, find a friend who owns studio pro so they can help you generate the DVD.

Best wishes.