Outdoor lighting on no budget


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Hi everyone, I was wondering if you had any tips for outdoor lighting without a budget, aside from reflectors and pretty much anything involving a power generator. Kind of makes things tough, but ah well... Thanks in advance!


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Shoot either early in the morning or late afternoon. The light looks great then. Don't shoot on overcast days (unless you want that kind of flat lighting). Don't shoot at noon or near noon. And above all, always know that you have no control over the weather, so one day of shooting in sun doesn't guarentee another. And be sure and understand that the sun is always moving.... thus always changing your lighting setup. I've used reflectors in the past, but mostly its about catching the sun at the right time, and knowing how to best take advantage of it.


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Llighting at night...

Llighting at night...

Use a camera filter (can't specify the corect one). Shoot early evening with reflectors as previously suggested. Silver mylar wrap, attached to foamcore with spray adhesisve makes a good, but harsh reflector. If you know any wedding shooters, borrow a few battery powered sun guns. Bright point sources, but expect to get a less than the rated number of minutes out of the batters packs. Have plenty of spares, don't expect to be able to recharge them at the shoot.
Try out your ideas/setups ahead of time. Refine the ones that work. Solve the problems that crop up ahead of time. This way you and your crew won't look like fools in from of the cast.



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