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The Production Pipeline

Digital Visual Effects and Animation: Ask a Professional (Student Series)

As part of promotions for his new book, The Digital Visual Effects Studio, Mayur Patel is hosting on-line webinar sessions for students of film and computer graphics to discuss digital visual effects and animation production. Mayur will host each session, presenting material relating to production pipelines and answering questions posed by attendees.

Multiple sessions are planned. Each session is limited to 20 attendees, to allow everyone to participate. All sessions are free and participants require only an up-to-date web browser.

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Mayur has more than thirteen years of experience in digital visual effects and animation, at studios such as Industrial Light + Magic and Disney Feature Animation. He has served as an artist, supervisor, technologist and executive. He has worked on more than eighteen films, including Disney's Tarzan (1999), Perfect Storm (2000), AI (2001) and Hulk (2003). In 2006, he supervised the visual effects for George Miller's Academy award winning animated feature, Happy Feet. Mayur authored the book, The Digital Visual Effects Studio: The Artists and Their Work Revealed, in 2009.

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Mayur's book is available now at