Online Screenwriting Courses?



I am wondering if there are any recommended distance courses in screenwriting?
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Whistling Woods International is one of the top 10 film and media institutes in the world and offer Degree and Certificate courses in Screenwriting with specialisation.

Screenwriting courses are, acredited by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences :

B.A. in Screenwriting | 3 Years | 6 Semesters

Certificate Course in Screenwriting | 1 Year

The Department of Screenwriting offers a lot of creative space to students and encourages them to explore their individualities, discover their own stories, develop their own narrative styles and locate their unique voices. To this end, in addition to receiving intensive training in screenwriting principles, students also receive education in the universal principles of storytelling. Although, primarily centered on training in writing fiction for film and television, the course also provides training in writing for documentaries, ad films and corporate films, as well as new media.

If you want to pursue a course in Screenwriting, please visit, and fill in the form. Our counselors will get back to you with detailed information.


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online screenwriting courses and online education

online screenwriting courses and online education

That's great! What did you like the most about Corey's classes?

Btw, I recommend checking out the Schools Section on

On another there was a similar question with answers here:

But let's keep the threads going. If anyone else would like to make suggestions or comments about screenwriting courses, workshops, or schools they've attended :)

Jared Isham

Probably the thing I liked best about Corey's class was the tools that were taught for writing compelling screenplays. It was not a story paradigm method, he teaches the tools needed for writing a scene in conflict and then expands from there.

One of the best classes I have taken.