[Offered] I would like to practice scoring music to a short film


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I generally write music for it's own sake and I've had some practise making short loops for video games but I'd like to practise scoring music to picture and I think a short film would be the perfect candidate. I've searched online but I've had trouble finding short films with dialog and no music (only silent films).
Does anybody have a short film with dialog that I can practise on? If it suits your needs, you are welcome to keep the music.

Here is my email if you would like to get in touch.

Many Thanks

PS. The majority of the music I write is minimalist piano music but i'm up for trying anything.

PPS. Here are some tracks from my Royalty Free Music portfolio so you can see whether you like what I do or not:

Sentimental Strings
Sad to Positive Uplifting Piano and Strings Piece
Positive Arpeggio Inspirational Uplifting Piano
Positive Catchy String Spiccato Loop
Cheeky Happy Childrens Theme
Epic Cinematic Short Loop
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