NYC Production Sound Workshop with Six-Time Emmy Award Recipient Richard H. Topham

Kim Welch

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When: Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Where: Manhattan Workshop Studio,
1123 Broadway, Suite #307, New York, NY 10010

Learn from a veteran Professional About:

Psychology of Production Sound Recording.
What the Sound Mixer really hears.
What the Camera Operator, Director and the rest of the world hears.
Cocktail Party Effects.
Digital Recorders.
Sound for DSLR.
Microphone Basics.
Selection and Application of Microphones.
Boom Operator Techniques.
Practical Usage of Lavaliers and Wireless Mics. Including How-To Rig Lavaliers.
Advanced Use of Plant Mics.
Portable Mixers, including both ENG Mixers and Mixing Boards.
Set Etiquette.

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