Non Photorealistic Rendering Plugin for Maya - Free Download and Free Tutorials for students, hobbyist and professionals


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Looking to share these resources with whoever is interested in non-photorealistic rendering. For now, It's only compatible with Maya but the developer is looking into expanding it to other 3D and 2D software too.
Non-Commercial Free Download here
Tutorials here
For indie studios that have a potential project and looking to achieve a certain look in the final render, you can contact the development team here for further discussion


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Hello, because I wanted to just use my first name but it's taken, so I put my birth year. Never thought that It would come across as a spammer 😅
Thanks for your feedback.

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Ok, you get a pass. Be well and enjoy the forums. Tell us all about your product and how to use it. Have you used it?


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Thank you. MNPRX is a rendering plugin for Maya so you can render the 3D model in watercolor style, frayed edges or cutout without a too complicated process. You still need to put effort into stylizing your 3D model to look good, but the plugin makes it easier compared to doing the manual way. Some people have tried combining 2D, 3D, Houdini, and After Effects to get a similar result.

You can download it and start stylizing your 3D model following this documentation here and also the tutorials. You can try to play around with the attributes parameter in the style configuration node to see how it affects your stylization.

Yes, I have used it, however, the technical team is probably more qualified to answer more in-depth technical questions if you have any.
I studied animation a long time ago and have been working as a coordinator/producer for production and outreach ever since, so I may be able to answer some questions up to a certain point.