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figured id introduce myself. Im Niki Crowe and currently live in Columbus, Ohio. In less than a month i will be going to Bowling Green State to study acting/film. My plan is to transfer in a year to Cal State LA then audition for AADA. Long term goals but anything planned helps. hopefully ill be able to chat with some more actors or directors in these forums. take care.


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ha oh definatly. directors are the best people for me to talk to anyways. its always there decision right?! :)


Hi Niki, welcome to the boards...

As for your last comment... I'd just like to say, as a director, while it is technically the director's decision... I'm a fan of collaborative filmmaking.

Everyone we work with in this industry is a talented, artistic individual. Everyone's got at least one good idea, and I like to hear them. Sometimes the idea wont work for what the director's going for, but I still want to hear the idea... because many opinions are better than none...

Besides... and I'm almost quoting Zach Braff word for word... but how much sense does it make to make a film with so many talented people, but only one person's ideas count?

Zach went on to talk about how little sense that makes, and that the "dictatorial" approach that some directors have is just senseless.

I completely agree... and hope that the future generations of filmmakers will be more collaborative than dictatorial.

Happy Collaboration-ism... ;)


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directors are the best people for me to talk to anyways. its always there decision right?!
Well, who gets hired often is (unless it's a 'name' that the producer wants), but there are plenty of ways for actors to get their way even if the director wants something else. One TV director I spoke to a few years back was talking about actors who could always remember their lines in closeups but kept forgetting them in long shots, for example :).

Of course such tactics should probably be reserved for directors who don't know what they're doing :).
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