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hey guys i came across this place after much searching and what a resource! ok basically ill give you an outline of my postion and tell me what you think/ give me some sagely advice. ok im 24 and currently live in the uk, i graduated in 05(BA philosophy durham), then attended drama school for one year until june 07 (had a gap year in between). i quit drama college as i hated the career path of an actor, and its artistic limitations. i have directed some theatre at uni, and got some excellent feedback. i now want to try my hand at filmmaking and experiemnt with the art form in general. after scouring the net i really like the lookf of the panasonic dvx100b or a, but the price tags a bit heavy. basically is there anywhere in the uk which rents cameras of this calibare (i know in the usa they have public broadcasting etc), otherwise imgonna have to save some more cash. plus my folks are wanting me to go and do a post grad in managment, would this hinder applying for jobs with the BBC etc upon graduation? thanks for your time guys :shock:

some of my fav films: slackers, dead mans shoes, dazed and confused, withnail and I