New Zealand Composer, fresh new music for film


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Please visit my website for further information about me. I compose music for dance, film and the concert hall. I am interested in working with film makers with real talent and originality. If you have an exceptional film that you want music composed for, contact me. I am happy to work long distance via internet/post, or in exceptional circumstances, travel. If you are a filmmaker who takes time to do things properly, I would be interested to hear from you about your projects.
I am especially interested in filmmakers with a focus on beauty of picture and simplicity - silent films/animations/documentary or art films too.


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Hi claire
From composer to composer i really liked your music (specially Big bad cops) and your website.
Plus you live in a beautifull country, my wife is from newzealand so i visited a couple of times.

Which software you are using for your compositions?