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This is an exciting, "must-attend" continuing education RED Technology Workshop and Networking Event in New York City.

Special Discounts:
Early-bird Registrants, Get $10 Off.
Students with ID receive additional 10% Off.

All attendees are eligible for free raffle and free giveaways.
Limited seating. Pre-registration is required. Sign-up online now at:

Program Details: and StudentFilmmakers Magazine is proud to announce the Red Technology Workshop with William Donaruma, which will take place in New York, New York on Saturday, August 1, from 10am to 3pm, at the StudentFilmmakers Magazine headquarters,1133 Broadway, New York, New York, between 25th & 26th.

An in-depth, practical, and interactive exploration of the RED technology workflow with demonstrations of a RED ONE camera system, this continuing education workshop will begin with a case study of "Shooting P2 in a remote environment" with example footage from the documentary, "Strong Bodies Fight." We will then deeply explore the RED ONE camera system, which is notably referred to as NOT a video camera. We will discuss the RED theory and philosophy as a camera system, and explore the design, menus, and workflow. The workshop will feature an interactive segment where the RED ONE camera body will be taken out of the box, and steps on "how to build the RED ONE camera" will be demonstrated. We will end the day with a demonstration of a RED ONE camera and Q&A.

When: Saturday, August 1, 2009 10am - 3pm
Where: Headquarters
1133 Broadway (between 25th & 26th Street)
New York, New York 10010
Phone: 212.255.7192

9:30am: Networking & Coffee
10am - 11:30pm: P2 Technology
11:30am - 3pm: RED Technology

Program Details

Session I. P2 Technology

I. Introduction

* Introductions
* Reel (Shows both 720PN and Super16 film transferred to 1080)

II. HVX options and the P2 tapeless workflow
* Shooting formats you can choose (much like RED)
* Example of how you should handle P2 footage

III. Case study: Shooting P2 in a remote environment
* "We had a plan."
* "We changed the plan." (Example of how we had to handle P2.)

IV. “Strong Bodies Fight” documentary footage
V. Q&A

Session II. RED Technology

I. RED Cinema: Theory and History
* RED reel
* Credits
* Company
* Why RED?

II. RED One overview
* Steps on how to build the camera (fresh out of the box)
* Exterior ports
* Some must-have accessories

III. Menu overview
* Graphic display and hook the camera up
* What’s a histogram?

IV. Shooting RED and Workflow
* Exposure
* Acquisition to storage to archive (options)
* Software options

V. RED Camera Demonstration and Q&A


(1.) Basic understanding of DVCProHD formats and options.
(2.) How to handle P2 footage in ideal and remote environments.
(3.) Basic understanding of how RED works.
(4.) Know the parts and ports of a RED One camera.
(5.) Basic understanding of the various menu settings and what they mean.
(6.) Knowledge of the RED workflow vs P2 workflow.
(7.) How RED compares to other HD camera systems.

Who Should Attend:

This continuing education Workshop is for all level filmmakers, including Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, Professionals and Independent Filmmakers. Any filmmaker who wants to improve his/her skills, take their career to the next level, and improve his/her game. Filmmakers, Videographers, Cinematographers, Camera Operators, Directors and Producers interested in learning more about HD, the Red One camera system, and the Red Technology Workflow. Anyone interested in seeing real-world applications and demonstrations related to HD and the Red One camera system.

We will hold a free raffle for a free "Anton/Bauer Battery System," featuring the Dionic 90 Battery and Tandem 70 Charger. One winner will be chosen. Free Anton/Bauer T-shirts, hats and mugs will be given out throughout the day.

Join us in New York, NY, on Saturday, August 1st for the Red Technology Workshop.

Sign up here:
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I will be there too

I will be there too

I will be there, too! Who else here is going? I hope to see you there!


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Continuing Education Red Camera Workshop, and NYC Meet-up!

Continuing Education Red Camera Workshop, and NYC Meet-up!

Howdy all! I found out that one of the filmmakers we featured in our magazine, who is a member of our network, will be at the Red Workshop this Saturday! Who else here is coming! :) Let's get together this Saturday and talk CAMERAS, workflows, and techniques. Bring your business cards, and be ready for photo ops!