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First off, hello! I'm the treasurer of a film club at my college, and we are starting to get into producing our own videos. None of us have any in-depth experience with gear, but we've all tried to learn as much as we can through the FST classes offered and other sources like YouTube. Since we're just a student org, we really don't have a budget to spend on gear. Everything we get (and have gotten so far) has to come out of pocket.

Here's a list of the gear we currently have:
Nikon d3300 with kit lens (DX sensor)
AT875r shoutgun mic
Zoom H4n
a few halogen work lights
DIY boom pole
DIY PVC camera rig

Our first project is a slasher-esque horror movie, but we have concerns with the kit lens and low light. I was looking into the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G DX lens, but am not sure how the DOF and framing would work for a horror movie. From what I've read online, the 35mm on a crop sensor will roughly look like a 50mm on a full frame. We are concerned about the DOF because we want it to feel similar to the classic 80s slashers, and not seem super modern. We've done some small scenes, but never anything super low light, as we would do for a horror movie. Another concern with the 35mm lens is maintaining focus while on a rig, as a follow focus is way out of our price range.

I was also looking at getting a cheapo steadicam, the Neewer Carbon Fiber 24", to replace the crappy pvc rig we made.

In total, I have about $250 I'd be willing to spend on more gear, but that's not a super strict limit. If you can help us out with any of these concerns, we'd really appreciate it.

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Where are you located? The best way to find out if it is going to meet your needs it to test it.


Hi im Torny im anewbie here. Im happy to meet you all. I wanted to be a director someday. Can you help me guys?