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Ok i recently got a Canon XL2, its a real awsome i am looking for somewhere to start doing whatever with filmmaking. I am 24 yrs old and I come from a small town York,Pa where there is not a lot of oppurtunity for any suggestion on how i can jumpstart this....i really want to get in this field. should i just start making short films? should i go to film school? although i dunno filmschools i heard are more to just get connections with pple in the field. Thanks


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yes start making short films just anything you can. it doesn't matter if their no good when you start out , thats how you learn is by making mistakes. a mistake is not always a mistake though whats a mistake to one person is actually a piece of art to someone else.

I suggest you google search "TEN MINUTE FILM SCHOOL" click the first thing that comes up and read that. Then after you read that go to youtube and type in the samething. this should help you a lot.