New sony vegas user needs basic help

Bren G

New member
Hi Folks,

I have just started out in the world of editing and need some basic info. First of all, can i download my raw footage from my Canon xm2 HD camera and using sony vegas roughly edit it, then save that to a dvd (or is there a better way) and pass it on to an editor friend of mine who works in Television to edit it properly using whatever professional package they use? Will quality be effected as it goes from medium to medium to medium. What software should I use to get good quality dvd burning. I only need it for internet transmission but I do want the best quality as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Snowy Rivers

New member
You should be able to firewire your video right into the computer and edit it fine in Vegas.

If you are just going to put it on the net then your are probably going to render it to 128Kpbs in an wmv file.
Quality in this format is crap and any display over 4-5 inches will be horribly pixelated.

For internet use you can do fine with your current editor.
I use Vegas 5.0 to do all my editing. Any good burning software will get your stuff on DVD.
I use Sonic myself. Not because its great but its simple and works fine and I have never had any issues.

I hate Bloat ware that takes the learning curve off the scale. With this stuff you spend most of your time trying to learn the tools rather than using them.

Good luck and have fun.