New Movie Titlted "Sudden" Director Needed



The world of sci-fi has been looked down on many people maybe because it's just plain weird. This story I'm working on is called Sudden and is about two young people on their way home from a vacation they had took when something runs out in front of their car causing them to crash. When the wake up the realize that something different has happen to the world. Cell phones giving off weird signals and no one seems to be anywhere around. They run off to find a city or town where the can get help for their injuries when giants monsters attack them leaving the girl badly injured. Without notice one of the monsters encounters then as if he was running for something and hands Maria(the girl who is injured) a big metal key. The whole point of this is to make the viewers think and alien invasion is going on when actually a rogue alien took the key that sets off a bomb that would destroy earth. The other aliens are chasing him down as he runs, hides, and helps those two humans save earth.

If you are interested in helping me shoot this and the overall project itself you can reply to this or e-mail me at Thanks