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Hi there
my name is Francesco, this is my first post. I am 23 YO and am proud to join this community. I have been locked up in my den 3 months to write a feature screenplay (244 pages of it) and now I'm on the road to make a few shorts with the same flavour, to gain some experience, and attract investors for my feature.

I have just finished a script for a 10 min short about the death of Greek philosopher Socrates, if you live near me and have a toga in your wardrobe you wanna lend me, if you have a cellar that looks like a greek dungeon, or if you know where one is, if you want to act in it, DROP ME A LINE!!!

If you see this post and would like to give any tips about anything, do not hesitate, I am dying to talk to intelligent, interesting people who unlike me have a bit of field experience.

Be my friend
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>> I have been locked up in my den 3 months to write a feature screenplay (244 pages of it)

Hello, Francesco.

I'm going to be up front with you here. You literally have to cut half of your 244 pages before anyone is going to take your feature screenplay into consideration. If you're interested in Hollywood, 90 to 120 pages is what they are looking for (besides a brilliant story)--130 or so only if those extra pages, like the rest of the script, are particularly brilliant and necessary.

Unless this is an epic, like The Lord of the Rings, 244 pages will never fly. And even if it is an epic, the chances are almost zero that you will sell it the first time out. I'm not saying it can't happen, just that it's incredibly unlikely you'll sell it right out of the gate.

If you have your heart set on leaving it at 244 pages, my advice to you is to immediately start writing other screenplays in the 90-120 page range. If you become a success with a proven track record, then some day in the future you will be able to take your epic out of a drawer and possibly sell it. But it sounds much more likely that it would have to be a miniseries. 244 pages means a movie over four hours long, just to keep things in perspective.

So make sure to write some new screenplays that are 1 1/2 to 2 hours long!