New Earth: Agent 316 (Sci-Fi Trailer) [01:48]

James Peagram

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Hiya everyone im new to this forum so please dont shout at me if I've done this wrong. But yeah I made this film trailer for my media A2 coursework and was wondering if you lot could give me some feedback. I'm from a rural village in Essex and this whole production was done by myself and my friends and family. The costume is made by myself and my mum and all special effects was by me. Id love to answer any questions also :)


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A good and interesting film, a gripping storyline. But I, with my family always use the portal: at There is huge amount of movies, from old classics to the latest new products from 2016. As good as the starting HD, ending the latest 4K!

Kim Welch

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Great. You posted in the write place! Good work. What tools did you use? Do you have photos of the costume? Are you working on Any new production?


Good work with the special effects but remember that is not everything. I liked the beginning. Whoever did the voice over did a good job. Overall the sound was really good, looking forward to see more from you.