New Avid finishing system


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Avid has just released DS version 10:

Why is this powerful (and not cheap) system relevant for student filmmakers?

It's a finishing system where your film goes through final technical preparation and color correction. Although rates for DS edit bays can be high you can sometimes get pretty good student deals in off hours, off dates.

I've worked on plenty of short films on high end gear.

So, even if you can't really afford these kinds of services, call post houses. Ask them to give you a tour, familiarize yourself with the environment you will be working in soon. And in the end, if you strike the right chord you may even get some pretty cheap high end post on a system like Avid DS 10.

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I have heard the Final cut is taking over

I have heard the Final cut is taking over

I have heard the Final cut is taking over where the expensive Avid systems were.

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And what's important to remember is that Avid has spent this year at not only dramatically improving their products beyond their functionality already, but also at making them much more affordable overall for anyone to invest in. Although the dropping of Xpress Pro means that the cheapest high-end Avid product (Media Composer) starts at $2,500 retail, now that they're offering student pricing on this software at $295 it's incredibly affordable for most any student's budget... and though you have to make sure your computer is equipped to run the program, how is that any different than buying a mac? Oh, and since it runs on both mac and the PC it's a smart move that allows you to work in the same editing environment, no matter what the platform you're forced to work on.


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It is possible to download a fully functional software-only version of DS with a 45 day license from After 45-days it becomes a "training edition" meaning that you can create and save work but can't output anything. It's a great deal for learning, and even doing a short student project. You could do a lot in 45 days.


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DS has been around several years. While it's by far Avid's best finishing tool, ironicly, it's because Avid didn't write it. They purcahsed it. You'd think they'd reverse disect and apply some of it to MC but it appears they've given up. I don't think they'll survive much longer.