Need your (filmmaker/producer) opinions...


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I know that a lot of filmmakers and productions eventually need music and sound design for their films. I also know that the music is the last thing that's considered when it comes to budgets. In the end, it's always... "we need a Hans Zimmer/John Williams-type epic score but we don't have any money left for the music". That always killed me!!
But the truth is... I understand (my sister is a filmmaker)... and I've been thinking of an affordable solution. I'm trying to find a niche whereby I can compose for a living and still provide access to my music for those needing music and sound design with limited finances, funding or budgets.

What would you guys think of having unlimited access to a music library with thousands of tracks in virtually every style but only having to pay $10-a-month for that access?
I'm also thinking of setting up the service so it provides more-or-less "custom" music for filmmakers needing something unique or not available in the library (at a slightly higher monthly rate)...
That basic tier/$10-a-month subscription rate would (hopefully in time) allow me financial freedom to continually build upon the library of music and SFX and add to the type of music you would be needing for upcoming film projects. The give-and-take (communication) through direct messaging would allow for almost "custom-type" music cues too. In time, I might be able to employ a couple more composers if my workload becomes overwhelming.

The reason I've started thinking of a new platform (on Patreon) for my music is because I currently have over 800 tracks licensed to tv and film but the royalties that are paid to me absolutely suck.
I think I'm giving up on the idea of "making it" as a composer that way. But I have an undying passion for music and sound...

For those of you that have read this far and are curious about me and my music, please follow this link to my website.

Thanks for your valuable time!! - Andy