Need tips for transfering 16mm color negative


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Hey, film student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I'm gearing up to get my final project for the semester started, so i'm trying to test some things first.

I just got authorized on my school HD film transfer room, it's basically a 16mm projector with an HD camera pointing into the projector and the camera is hooked up to the computer.

Now, i'm trying to see how much money i can save, and i was wondering how practical it is to transfer the color negative directly and invert the image, that way i don't have to pay for work prints. Has anyone done this? Does it look ok?

Also, i'm currently running a test on this and i'm finding it hard to focus to the negative and figure out the proper exposure settings for the capture, any thoughts on how to get a proper exposure from the negative durring capture?


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It's not that easy. In fact if you manage to get a decent picture transferred with the device you're describing your school should give you a BFA just on the basis of that accomplishment. What you really need is a proper telecine. The question of proper color is very important, but just as important is the ability of the video capture device to synchronize with the film. Otherwise you will capture the flicker of the projector shutter.