Need productions related with fresh water. We pay



Hi All!

If you have a documentary, TV sequence, TV programme, short film or anything similar talking about water (fresh water like; rain, rivers, lakes, pipes, drinking water, sprinkling systems, fresh water usage and so on...) please let me know. I’m putting together a series for a Spanish regional TV station and I need some material (it doesn’t matter where its been produced and which language).

Needs to be copy right free. The only budget we have is for re-versioning already produced stuff so we can give the series an homogenous feel. This budget includes a fee for the original producer although I can anticipate this fee won’t be huge.

Email me with what you have please!

Thanks all of you in advance and sorry for those not interested...

Borja Cantera
Undo Productions

email me at:


your saying we need to pay you to use our own footage... huh?