Need ideas for creating a prop


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Hello! I am a student filmmaker and I am working on a film and need some help with a prop for a particular scene. In the scene, someone accidentally drops a live goldfish into a glass of red wine. I don't want to use anything in the glass that isn't water, as I don't want to actually kill/sicken the goldfish. Any thoughts on how to fake dark liquid? It is shot in black& white, so color doesn't matter. I was thinking of maybe painting the glass, but that may look too fake.

Thank you! Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Maura B.

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Film the scene with and without the fish from the same angle. Then use masking tool to make it fit :) Worst case, you can always edit it frame by frame.

Olivia Perez

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Oh dear, now this is a real challenge! Your concern for the little fish is lovely. How about using tea? I don't believe it would harm the little fish if you would use black tea. You will not let that fish in that tank for long and I doubt it will harm him.