Need Help, Quick! Need to record Timecode onto tape...



Hey guys-

I just got a short notice gig for tomorrow morning, and my client asked that I record the timecode directly onto the tape so they can make notes during playback. How do I do this?

I shoot on a Panasonic DVX-100A and can't find the answer anywhere online or in the manual. Ideas? I'll be shooting while the camera is connected to a monitor and deck and we'll just record onto a VHS tape. They want the Timecode to display on the master DV and recorded VHS tape. I know it's easy to add visible timecode in post but he wants the tape directly after the interview so they can use the shoot as a crtique for the subject.

A quick response would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks.


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You can easily record the timecode to your VHS.

I'm not familiar with the Panasonic, but there should be an option that says display out and then it gives you options for LCD or Ext. If it is external, you can choose to display the info or turn it off too. Connect your camera to a VCR and then choose info on. This should solve your problem about recording TC onto the VHS.

As for recording TC on the DV, the DV already has TC. So when they playback the tape, they can simply enable the info display to show the TC.

Hope this helps.
Time Code Window Burn

Time Code Window Burn

Okay, so I assume your client wanted you to make a copy with time code window burned in so that they could make a edit decision list/EDL for you to use the footage they want you to, right?

There are a number of ways this is accomplished.

You can do it by camera sometimes, but if you have a NLE system like Avid or Final Cut Pro you can consult the help menus to see how to render to tape with time code visible.

Also, you can buy a neat little gadget at, say, BandHPhotovideo or Markertek that is made by companies such as Morita that are specifically what you want to do. They have four or five switches on them and are the size of an ipod. They let you decide which ocrner of the screen to burn the timecode into your footage. It's a decoder and encoder so if there is already timecode there it will go with what is there already. Now, these window burners for timecode usally run anywhere from about 100 to 250 depending on what else it does or does not do, but you might be able to find a better deal. Try the used section of B and H in New York. There are other sources for that kind of used gear so shop around for the best price.

They are so easy to use my Grandmother could use one.

Otherwise, you can always contact a post house or duplication house and get them to do a window burn. They do it all the time. Okay?

Good luck and maybe this is too late for your original client, but perhaps may help in future.