Need Cinematographer. Locations : New jersey and Pensylvania


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I am planning to make an Independnet film around 35minutes. Its my first film as a director. So Planning to build a team.
I have script ready and cast is getting ready.
Its a love story with some fun in it. I am planning it to make in this summer. Please respond to this post if you are intrested.



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Kim Welch;n49152 said:
Who are you? You log on and post with a fictitious name and no information about you and you want people to help you?

Hi , Sorry thats my first post here. I am Bharath. I wrote stories for few films in India. I work in Phildelphia as a software developer. I am planning to make a movie with one of my scripts. I have an editor and also the cast. As I dont have much experience in film making and I dint went to any school. I am looking for a cinematographer with some knowledge. so that it can help us both.

I just have the script ready now. So i just cant post my script here to say I am genuine. Let me know what more information you need