Need advice on what to spend a bursary on

Hey guys, I am a film student who has been given a bursary of 2000 Australian Dollars and I have to decide what to buy. I have a Lumix GH2 and was thinking about getting some accessories for it but not exactly sure what to get or where to even start looking.
Got any ideas????

Kim Welch

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I have heard good things about the GH2 camera. Do you have a slider, tripod or gimble? Do you have lenses? Do you have a camera bag? You're in Australia?

Kim Welch

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I am not sure what you have or what the rest is. You need a good carrying case or backpack that will safely hold your camera and lenses if you are traveling. Do you have that? I am not sure what a handheld tripod is. Can you take a photo and post it? A rig would be handheld or maybe a monopod. A gimble gives you the ability to do some fancy moves that will probably give you an edge on most student work if you practice a little. Try the Ronin S DJI Ronin-S - Dare to Move - DJI It has a manual focus for the GH2 And, another thing you could use for many different kinds of scenes would be a slider.
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Okay awesome thank you I will have a look into the DJI stuff and get a camera bag. I tried to upload the photo but the file was to big but I looked up the handheld tripod and its called an Octopus stand tripod.

Kim Welch

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You should be able to upload super big files in the media section. Is that were you tried to upload?
No, I got it as I was into vlogging and I needed something to help keep my camera steady and small enough so it wasn’t too big to take on planes. I am just a student this year and only just learning what is good equipment or not.


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That tripod is not anywhere close to a professional tripod. Are you messing with me?
I personally have a Gorillapod and find that there are many scenarios where it is more practical then a full size tripod and can help get shots from perspectives that you just can’t get with a tripod. Not saying that it can replace a generic tripod but the Gorillapod is definitely worth having as apart of your camera gear.