Natural Lighting Assignment Using Anamorphic lens



Hey guys! I just received my Sankor 16C 2X Anamorphic projection lens. I have it mounted on my Rokinon 85mm with a videoatlantic adapter clamp. I didn't use any close up filters, just a variable nd for most the shots. With my particular setup the lens was completely unusable wide open, but when stopped down to around f2-2.4 it creates a very interesting hazey soft look with very dreamy light leaks, almost similar to a look you would get from "lens whacking." I found that 2.8 was the sweet spot for what I was wanting to do, and I kept it around there for the majority of this short. One thing I noticed is that even if you have the lens perfectly aligned, after a while it begins to slowly slip as you focus. So it is important you are constantly checking alignment before takes. I learned this the hard way, as you can tell a few shots look slightly skewed. Overall, for my first time out with the lens setup, I was very impressed with it's performance. I'd love to hear if anyone else has had any experience using these anamorphic projection lenses and have any tips and tricks to pass along. Thanks! Here's the test video:

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