NASA's REEL Science Communication Contest - Submit Your Entries!


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<strong><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="NASA's REEL Science Communication Contest" width="135" height="85" hspace="5" border="0" align="right">NASA's REEL Science Communication Contest</a></strong><br>
<em>Audience: 9-12 Educators and Students</em> <br>
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<p>Deadline for submitting videos is Feb. 15, 2013.</p>
<p>Looking for something to do this winter? How about producing a NASA video? NASA earth science missions are seeking talented high school students to create videos that engage students in earth science. This contest challenges high school students to produce a two-minute video for middle school students on one of three topics: Ozone, Ship Tracks, or the Water Cycle by 2/15/13.</p>
<p>Winning videos will be posted on NASA’s website and winners will work with NASA scientists and communications experts on a real Earth science assignment in July 2013. </p>
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