MyCube Video Contest


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Social Media has become part of our daily lives. Your day feels incomplete when you are not able to go online to tweet or check your Facebook. We want to introduce you to a brand new social media network centered on content sharing. MyCube is networking with people who have similar interests. It is the place online where you can find people who share your passion and exchange photos, videos and/or conversation.

Create a 30-to-60-second video that tells the story of a person who uses MyCube’s “social content exchange” to connect with people who share their passions. It could be two people from opposite ends of the Earth connecting over photos of an obscure form of martial arts, videos featuring a little known club DJ, or some aviation aficionados sharing their blogs about the latest and greatest airshow experience.

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Deadline is on December 12, 2011. Total of $10,000 in awards.