My upcoming shoot


Chris Loughran

Hi Mr. Mullen
I have a student shoot coming up next week in standard 16mm. I will be shooting on Kodak Vision2 200t. I will be using this stock for interior and all exterior locations except one, a huge dark warehouse with bright shafts of light coming from the ceiling. I will be using Vision3 500t to get more the detail in the shadows without blowing out the highlights.

I'm not planning on using an 85 filter, but I am planning on color correcting either in the transfer or with the Color App, in my editing suite.

My questions are, is not using the 85 filter a big deal? Should I rate the 200T at 125 with the ND.6 filter for my day exteriors? Also, do you think it will be jarring or noticeable to cut from one scene using 200T to the last scene of the film using 500T? Should I just stick with the 200t and open up? Will that increase the amount of grain?
Have you used the new Apple Color App to correct anything you have shot? Should I have it done in the transfer?

Thanks, I would appreciate any advice.
It's not a big deal to correct in post for the missing 85 filter, though an LLD filter is a good substitute instead of no filter at all. You may see some more noise in the blues since they are so overexposed as to be rather dense, and you may find correcting a blue image back to neutral ends up giving it a bit of a brown feeling.

Vision 3 500T and Vision 2 200T are rather similar and you should be able to cut from one to the other.