My mate needs to learn how to hold a camera properly!

My friend and I were in college many years ago, doing drama. Getting real acting gigs is not easy, so we did a series of our own horror films. The latest and supposed last entry was completed a few nights ago. I'm not terribly impressed with the camera work during the last 30 or so minutes. He had to shoot me wearing costumes (an evil clown and a demon) and he wasn't filming me right. He was also not filming me right in other scenes, because the scene goes light then dark, then light again.

Sometimes, he shot me from the head down which is fine. Other times he was then filming me from the chin downwards. So that isn't right. He tends to muck around a lot. In some scenes he looks like he is avoiding me. Those days, he was in a funny mood due to not being able to get online to check his betting, so I think that made him less interested.

What do you think? Is this bad? What do you think of the ideas on display?


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Did you enter our Summer Shorts video contest? The deadline's extended and we're accepting videos through Oct 15. The winners will be announced and screened at NAB New York, Create FWD Stage on Oct. 18th, with screenings of the winning films. If you have any videos that you'd like to submit (video entry must be 7 minutes or less), it's free to enter when you post a link from our contest site to your twitter or facebook, there are wonderful prizes from our sponsors, and you have a chance to screen at NAB NY. Here's the contest site and community:
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