My first ever short film, SPOILER its not great!


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So I managed to organise myself into making my first short film. It took around 13 hours to write, shoot and edit for this first rough video.
I plan to reshoot some parts of it and cut one of the sequences down but I would like for you to comment and help me out. We all started somewhere! :)

I present to you, RELIC.

p.s. My editing skills are lacking but I quite like it.

Kim Welch

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Hi B, Welcome to the forums. It's not bad at all. has some really good stuff in it. The fall and kill could use a little work with the blood spurting. The chase was a bit long and the direction the evil thing was going didn't seem to be the same path the explorer was on. Was that you? I like the beginning and the very end after the blood spurts.