musical technique in film?


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Hi everyone,

I'm a musician with only a layman's understanding of cinema, so I hope this post doesn't seem too strange. :confused:

There's a technique in classical music called "rubato", where the music is both speeded up AND slowed down just before an important moment, in order to accentuate that moment. It occurred to me that the same thing could be done in film (with a combination of both slow motion and fast motion -- not just one or the other), especially for action scenes. I figure it's already been done (but probably with a different name), so I'm hoping someone can tell me where (so I can see it). I've asked other people, but all they say is "that's called slow-motion" -- but what I'm talking about is a combination of both types of motion, leading up to the important instant in the scene but not following it.

Thanks very much.