musical comedy stage script to screen?



Hello everyone, I've written a stage MC script called 'The Tavern & The Storyteller' and I am looking for someone to re-format it for screen. The script has already had it's stage debut and has undergone literally hundreds of re-writes prior to it's production and quite a few afterwards.

I'm not about to kid you or myself, I'm a first time playwright (mainly a songwriter for most of my life) and the reasons I wrote the script is explained on the Tavern's website. But I believe (as I'm sure all writers do) that it would make a great movie and am starting to look into converting it.

If interested, please email me at:

Even if your not interested, please stop by the Tavern website and check out the 4 video clips and a full evenings production in wmv format from it's debut - the video is converted from VHS (2 cameras - mono audio). In my defense, I had no involvement in the recording...;>)

Thanks for reading,