Music Video Shot On DSLR


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Hi, im a student film maker from england and have recently got into film/video production with my new canon kiss x4 (550D/T2i). I got invited to travel around with my friends band and shoot some live performances to edit into a music video for their new ep. I choose the camera as the sensor is nearly as big as some early RED digital cinematic cameras. One day i would just love to be on a film set operating one!!

Apart from the standard 18-55mm kit lens, i used an opteka fisheye and my favourite canon 50mm f1.8 mk2 fixed focal length prime. I know my live focus pulling needs some work, but i tryed to make the edits fit in with the sporadic focal adjustments!! I use sony vegas 9.0e and coloured the scenes using the built in plugins (can anybody recommend a decent 3rd party colourising plugin?) as i found the lighting colours from the different venues to be massively inconsistent (LED par cans through to normal flourescent lighting) in vain i tryed to match them but as you can see from the production its not quite there as ive only been doing this a month!! Not to mention the noisy high ISO shots but i incuded them for artistic effect.

I'm on a sharp learning curve at the moment but i'd like to invite the forum members here to watch my video, any constructive comments are much appreciated!! :)

Many thanks and happy filmaking, Jonny