Music Composer Looking To Collaborate


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I am a final year University Student at SSR in Manchester studying Music Production. I am looking to expand my skills as a Music Composer where I'd like to produce music for an Action, Adventure or Sci Fi Film Trailer. I have various skills in producing music on DAWS such as recording on Protools, Logic and Ableton to name a few. My skills go as far as Mastering and Recording bands to producing Electronic Dance music using various pieces of Hardware and VST's.

My thoughts and ideas on this project are that I would like to collaborate with someone who produces films of this style, anything similar or even Time-lapse. I am open to other styles as I"d like the challenge. As I am building a portfolio of work this would be a great opportunity for me to gather some experience whilst working alongside someone who's in the Industry. If anyone would be interested in collaborating, please inbox me or reply on this thread.

Best regards, ''Themusician''