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Hi there. First post in this forum

I was thinking about hot to make production easier and faster. The one thing that seems unavoidable is the moving and lifting of heavy equipment.

Even if you have a big van with all your gear, you still have to move it all around on location, heavy camera boxes and bags.
Depending on the location moving can be tricky (big steep hills, slippery rocks etc...)
So what do you think is the most efficient way to move things around a film set without getting the crew sweaty and tired?

I was thinking about it all night in bed. Wheels are too fragile and wobbly, and can't make it up mountains easily without grinding away.

And of course some kind of electrical moving gear can't fit in the back of your car. What do you think?

Kim Welch

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going to have to move equipment

going to have to move equipment

i think we are going to have to move equipment. planning and consolidating steps is probably the best thing to do when moving in difficult terrain. It is good to have strong able body people to help. Next to good planning i would say look to the manufacturers to come up with lighter stronger more compact equipment. Think there is a lot going on in this area now. We have new lighter lighting systems as well as lighter smaller cameras, tripods, booms... of course the sand bags are always going to be heavy! :)
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Romuald Martin

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Agree with Kim. Planning your shoot to avoid moving your whole arsenal is key. There is no one answer for every situation; sometimes you are in the comfort of a studio and carts will do the job; in the mountains you will need bags and carriers; in the desert, perhaps camels.

We will need human help until someone comes out with a robotic assistant (and then they will be expensive) ;)