Minute per page issue


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I'm looking for flaws in my spec screenplay and have discovered pages which take 50 instead of 60 seconds to read. It's mainly due to energetic/fast conversations. What's the best way to deal with this without making any changes (there's no room)?

I'm also curious about how to implement a dance scene the correct way. Say its three minute long. Shall I write the scene on page one and insert two pages with text DANCE CONTINUES?

My questions are in regard to what Hollywood producers expects. From my understanding the first thing they look at is number of pages
In a Spec Script-- don't worry about it. IT'S NOT A WRITERS ISSUE.
As long as it's 120 pages or less. Less, hopefully.

I'm not a student-- I'm a working screenwriter in Hollywood. I know what I'm talking about.
geckopelli what is your real name?
I'm hesitant to post it. Not that you'd recognize it or anything.
My first film is to be shot this winter. But geckopelli has a bit of a rep himself, so as a general rule I never post my real name and my moniker on the same forum.