Mill Valley Film Fest: Girl Geeks Lab



The 32nd Annual Mill Valley Film Festival is proud to host an afternoon of fun with the Girl Geeks Lab. Women filmmakers will be coming to talk personally about what it is like to work in the film industry. Some of our guests that are coming are:

Stephanie Argy, co-director/co-writer,
The Red Machine; science and technology writer, American Cinematographer, Variety, Hollywood Reporter.

Nina Dobner, Cinematics Producer, Electronic Arts LA, Command and Conquer, Red Alert.

Sherry Hitch, Digital Artist, Industrial Light + Magic

Mia Quagliarello, Community and Editorial Manager, You Tube

Tiffany Shlain (Moderator), filmmaker, artist; founder,
The Webby Awards; co-founder, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

WHAT WE WANT is for all you bay area girl geeks/filmmakers to come, have fun, join in on the panel and learn how your talents can add to the Girl Geek filmmakers in the Bay Area. Boys are welcome as well.
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