Meet author KURT LANCASTER author of DSLR CINEMA at a hands on seminar in Austin, TX

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Author, Teacher, and Producer KURT LANCASTER presents a hands-on workshop Shooting Cinematically with DSLR Cameras at Texas Media Systems, Austin, TX.

Lancaster will provide an overview of visual storytelling and a brief history of the DSLR cinema movement, the students will work with him in the field as they document a location, receive critiques, then go off in pairs to shoot and record interviews and action shots.

Skills include, using the proper settings of a DSLR (ISO, f-stops/aperture, color balance, lenses, and focus--including deep focus and shallow focus, as well as audio. Students will also learn about the importance of finding the right story and class storytelling models in order to enhance your work. In addition, editing for pacing and rhythm in a story will also be covered (including the creation of a sound design).

Attend this workshop by Kurt Lancaster, the author of DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Video and Video Journalism for the Web: A Practical Introduction to Documentary Storytelling, to help improve your shooting and storytelling skills.
This workshop is for students, as well as professional filmmakers and journalists.

Texas Media Systems, 4311 Medical Parkway Austin, Texas 78756
Saturday, June 23 10-5pm Sunday, June 24 10-3pm
Cost: $350 Sign up online:

Shortly after registering you will receive an email to a password protected lecture presented by Lancaster at the Austin School of Film in February 2012.

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