Maya- is it the hardest 3D-ani program to learn?


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i'm thinking of studying maya ? this year. but i recently read a review of the apps and the reviewer claimed it is the hardest ani program to learn, and that even well seasoned professionals who are computer savvy have problems working it. is this true? do most of you find it easy or hard?

Tim Kolb

New member with anything related to being creative...opinion is subjective.

Maybe Maya is the hardest app to learn for the person you spoke with, on the other hand I know some 3d animators who swear by it. Keep in mind that a more powerful program has more things to's that simple.

However, learning a powerful program right away might be easier in the long run than learning a simpler 3d app and having to re-learn when you need something more powerful.

I would search the web for some websites where 3d animators are talking in addition to this one and ask around.

...I've been told that After Effects is a hard program to learn too. I'm sure it is compared to less powerful applications, but I think if it's what you need to learn it.


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Maya is probably one of the most complicated 3d tools out there, but that is what makes it so great and favored by the major studios. The basics are not hard to learn, but it will take you some time to get familiar with the GUI (Graphical User Interface). In Maya you can do the same thing in so many ways, and different people has different solutions to the same problem. Because Maya is built like it is, custom tools and plug-ins are a lot easier to create using Maya's own language; MEL. You wont find as many pre-made buttons as in 3D Studio MAX, and it takes more understanding of what does what to get some good renders, but with some good books and a lot of playing around, you should be able to pomp out some pretty amazing things. Check out some good websites for help too, like and, always remember to check out Maya's own help files, they are great!


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Don't let the learning curve deter you. Nowadays, there's so much supplemental learning DVD's out there, I can't see it's complexity being a problem. As the first responder mention, I wouldn't learn a simpler app then switch when you need more functionality, it's hard to unlearn than to learn anew.

Dory Breaux

I think that for me LightWave and 3DS Max were the worst to learn... Maya has a nice GUI that helps alot.




i have done some with Maya. in just a few hours i was able to do really cheasy animations and make any shapes i really needed. When i open Maya at school it does have 4-6 little quicktime videos that shwo you how to use most of the basics. Keep in mind animation overall is very challenging, takes alot of tiem on the computer and alot of creativity.


3d is a very subjective matter, it's not a matter of inherent benefits. i'ld say from my personal experience moving from maya to 3ds that the maya interface isn't particularly great. however, some people swear by it. if you take time to learn it, it's rarerly an issue.