Marvel Recreation Universe (Fan Series)

Me and a group of Video Professionals and actors have created this fan series as something for Marvel fans to enjoy during the wait for Black Widow. And a show to entertain as this is the first year since 2009 not to have a Marvel movie release.

Indeed!! We had actor scheduling and drop out conflicts.

Our original iron man actor left the Series after his first episode due to scheduling difficulties leaving me to take over the role of Tony Stark,
we replaced our new Thor actor at the last minute after we had a no show,
our Main Star Jon Anderson aka Captain America and Spider-Man almost wasn't able to complete the show as he, unfortunately, was sick most scheduled filming days,
our actor and actress for Nick Fury and Black Widow withdrew leaving us to integrate them into their episodes using Deleted Scenes footage from our Test- Pilot and we had two more no shows abandon the season including an additional VFX artist.

None the less I was very happy when filming wrapped, as it was a bit hectic on this particular show.

Live-Action Recreating Winter Soldier High way fight scene !

Been wanting to do this one for quite a while.

Ended up replacing all of the practical water with CGI as it didn't look intense enough.

Marvel Recreation Universe Episode 5: Ant-Man tries on His Suit for the First Time:

Never realized how much camera shake is actually in the sequence until it was time to edit it. It was fun adding it in and I think the camera shake added quite a bit of realism to the scene.

Marvel Recreation Universe Episode 6: Captain America meets Spider-Man:


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I am also saddened by the pandemic context and its influence on the filmmaking industry, however, your videos are awesome!
Trying a new format on this one. It's interesting to me how much the 3d backgrounds pop out more when you switch the scenes to Widescreen.

Marvel Recreation Universe Episode 7: Captain America vs iron man:

(Also, not sure if people are interested in the marketing aspect of the series, but we just released our official poster:


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We finally started getting into color grade layering for this one. Also, since Doctor Strange has some of the most versatile and complex vfx across the entire mcu we included a visual effects breakdown on this episode.

Marvel Recreation Universe Episode 8: Doctor Strange bargains with Dormaummu:

Thank you, Maura:) Doctor Strange seemed to have enough interesting vfx happening at the same time to warrant a breakdown. Glad to hear the color grading worked. (y)