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Okay. Perhaps the hardest part of the trade is marketing. Who cares if you make a film that nobody goes to see? Now, other than the obvious "get it bought by a distribution company," and "get it into a major film festival," what are the best ways that indie filmmakers, students especially, can market their films and start making some dough on them?


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a website is always a great start, but then you have to make the public aware and interested inthe site too. Hosting shorts or trailers for features and any multimedia are essential.


On-Demand DVD distribution

On-Demand DVD distribution

Have you thought about on-demand DVD distribution? -- a great service that many of my clients use to start getting their film out there.



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VOD Platform is the most trendy & essential video marketing as well as monetization tool. If you are a video content owner then I will suggest you to build your video streaming platform & distribute your contents. Just few months back one of my (video content owner) friend created own branded VOD platform using Muvi Studio ( & you may not believe, its Totally FREE. He is just paying the bandwidth cost.

You should give it a shot.