Made specifically for screenwriters, composers are welcome!


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Hey guys,

I created a room for people to play music for other people while we're writing. Composers are welcome to sample their work and get feedback from the crowd.

Here's the link to the room:

(Note: there won't be a crowd for a while as it's a new room, so spread the word to all your screenwriting buddies and composer buddies!) might be a little strange at first for newcomers, but I've been on there for maybe two weeks...and, trust me, you really end up getting great music from other people once you just accept the whole Japanese style, characterized feel. The ability to share music is WONDERFUL. We can set up "themes" for different days so that you get some time to hear different genres of music (ie drama vs romantic comedy).

I'd love for this to become a room for people to come and hear new, inspiring pieces of music for screenwriters who like to listen to music while they write/plan/visualize their stories.