Lost In Your Shadows (First Highschool Short Film Ever Directed)


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Well although this was created almost 2 years ago, I'm kinda interested in anybody's thoughts on it, if any... I've improved a ton as you can see in my latest work, (and obviously still growing as a filmmaker) but I'm just wondering what anybody else thought of my first attempt...

It was shot with the DVX-100b and I directed, produced, shot, edited, and composed the entire project at the age of 16, just using friends and neighbors. It was originally cut to be about 10-12 minutes long, but the time limit for the festival was 8 minutes so a faster cut was needed... I'd upload a longer cut (bloopers included) but unfortunately I don't have ANY of the original footage as it was all shot on dv tapes :(
But yeah, let me know what you think! Thanks!