Looking for London based beginner/student DP's

My name is Greg. I'm an actor looking to shoot several scenes from well know hollywood films for the purpose of gaining top management. I have spent over 2k on slick equipment and am now looking for a DP only. The majority of the movements will be very subtle and have already been planned out. So don't worry if you have little or no experience. As long as you have some DP instinct then it'll be fine. Want to shoot sometime this coming week too. Travel/refreshments will be provided as well as a copy of the finished product.


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Have you checked out the Facebook group 'London Filmmaking Network'? There is around 9k people on there and always seems to be posts on there linking people up. If your looking for just students, drop some of the uni's around london an email and ask for the message to be passed onto their media department. I did this with one of the unis, i think it was ravensbourne uni - maybe, when we needed 4 runners and they linked us up. As long as your supplying Travel/refreshments then Uni's are a great place to look.