Looking for cinematographer for adventure/conservation piece


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Hey all,

I'm looking for talented folks who can film, edit, and/or direct, on location, on small boats through-out Florida's coastline, camping and being self sufficient for 2-4 days at a time.

Essentially I'm looking for people wanting to be involved in my upcoming adventure; a 1,515 mile trip around the entire coastline of Florida, in a small, sailing tandem kayak, beginning in late October, Early November of this year.

My plan is to traverse the entire length of Florida by water, and in by doing so raise awareness for environmental protection, conservation, and making those ideals an important factor when involved in civic engagement and voting. I am planning to associate with different non-profits and charitable organizations to raise donations and bring attention to their cause.

The fragile ecosystems of the Florida coastline are one of the areas in the lower 48 most likely to become impacted in the near future by rising sea levels, oceanic pollution, and over-fishing. For many, climate change is an "out of sight, out of mind" concept. I hope through my journey I can show the impact climate change has already had, and explicitly depict the negative effects that further sea-level rise and changing conditions will have on this amazing state.

My name is Noah Orth. I am a 29 year old Miami native, and have spent the last 8 years of my life working seasonally as a Wildland firefighter and Wilderness EMT for the US forest service and also undertaking wild adventures; from a six month solo off-road motorcycle trip from California to Panama, to overlanding across the Australian outback, to various other outdoor Adventures, both abroad and here in the US.

I've always had a passion for stewardship, conservation, and outdoor adventure, and this particular venture has been on my radar for a while now.

What I am interested in doing is either an:

episodic feature in a few of the most applicable/exciting sections where a DP could either a. Join in the second seat of the kayak and be a part of the adventure or b. Operate from a small motorized chase boat, which you would need to be confident operating of course.

Or, to string together footage from on location shooting and go-pro and self shot footage and make a short film.

I'm open for those who are very artistic and creative and can help guide this project to something great, as I am not an experienced filmmaker (though I have worked in production)

What I can offer is paid transportation, all expenses covered while shooting, an adventure of a lifetime paid for and organized by me, and am able to pay a stipend for time spent collaborating on the project.

Would love to hear from anybody with advice, pointers, connections, or those who may be genuinely interested in such an endeavor.



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Hello Noah, welcome to the forums. How is your project going? If you're still looking for people to work with and collaborate with, I recommend going to the Filmmakers Network Section here: