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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a sheet of breakaway glass for a short film I'm producing this upcoming weekend. It can be sugar or candy glass, but we probably won't have to make our own. So I need to know where in New York I can purchase this. We need like a 5 x 5 sheet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Kim Welch

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here are some possibilities

here are some possibilities

I know that the fist one is in Sun Valley but he might point you to someone here in NYC the others might have what you are looking for or point you in the right direction. Please let me know if they have what you need.

Alfonso’s Breakaway Glass, Inc.

8070 San Fernando Rd.
Sun Valley, CA, USA 91352
Tel: (818) 768-7402
Phone 2: (866) 768-7402
Fax: (818) 767-6969

E-mail us: info@alfonsosbreakawayglass.com

15 Storig Ave.
Closter , NJ 07624
Phone: (201) 675-1118
Web: www.gzfxandstunts.com
Email: brian@gzfxandstunts.com

524 Sackett St.
Brooklyn , NY 11217
Phone: (718) 875-0140
Fax: (718) 596-8329
Web: www.jmfx.net
Email: info@jmfx.net

47 Fifth Ave.
Ste. 1102
New York , NY 10016
Phone: (646) 742-0630
Web: www.chrisbobin.com
Email: chrisbobin@rcn.com
candy or sugar glass is days of old, today its a melted styrene, amoco 240 or the holly wood stuff!!!!!! watch how much plastisizer you put it can take ut iether way, too brittle or soft. melt the the stuff in a pot and pour it on to an alumimium table.....