Looking for a composer for my thesis film


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Dear composer friends,

I'm a film student from FSU and currently working on the post of my thesis film.

The story, set in 17th century Europe, is about a rebellious girl and her tough but loving father. The girl escapes home to seek adventure but ends up meeting bad guys and being saved by her father. The seemingly failure of her adventure, however, brings her and her father closer.

I'm looking for a composer who is interested in the story and composing for it. I hope the music brings us back to that period, and combines elements of delicacy and intensiveness, and most important of all, brings us into the inner world of characters.

The bad news is, however, we're already out of budget and thus we may not be able to pay for the work. But we do provide credit, copy of the film, and hopefully we could bring the film to festival circuit to reach broader audiences.

Again, we will appreciate a lot if you're willing to work on the project, and pls feel free to contact me for any at:


Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

Yingjia Chen

Phil Landini

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Hello Yingjia,

I am a composer looking to break out into some film scoring opportunities, and I think your project sounds very interesting. I would absolutely love to work with you on this opportunity. You can find some samples of my work here: http://soundcloud.com/phillandini
You can also reach me at plandini@fredonia.edu

Best of luck on the film. It sounds like a great premise.

Philip Landini